Collier County Pet Registration
Collier County Domestic Animal Services' Fees
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Collier County Domestic Animal Services has a number of fees pet owners should know.  These fees answer your questions about the cost of impounding a lost/stray animal, daily boarding fees, spay/neuter of pets that are unaltered before returning home and much more.
Please, read through the below fee list and if you should have any questions remaining after reviewing the detailed table below, please call the shelter at (239) 252-PETS (7387).

Impoundment       Cost    Fee Applies To
Dogs, cats, other small animals dropped off $25 first occurrence
$50 second occurrence
$100 occurences thereafter
Dogs, cats, other small animals picked up by an Animal Control Officer (not dropped off) $40 first occurrence
$65 second occurrence
$115 occurrences thereafter
Impound fees are waived for cats and dogs reclaimed before the end of the second business day after impoundment if animal has a current county license.
Equine, bovine, other livestock over 200lbs $50 first occurrence
$75 second occurrence and/or different animal from same
previously offending property
$100 occurrences thereafter
Equine, bovine, other livestock under 200lbs $20 first occurrence
$45 second occurrence and/or
different animal from same
previously offending property
$70 occurrences thereafter
Transportation fee for impounded livestock direct cost
plus 50%
Boarding Fee for Impounded Pets
All impounded animals, in addition to 
impoundment fee
$10 daily
Impound fees are waived for cats and dogs reclaimed before the end of the second business day after impoundment if animal has a current county license.
Shelter Care of Impounded/Owned Animals
Laboratory, veterinarian, farrier, other outside 
service expenses to care for the impounded animal
direct cost
plus 50%
Mandatory Spay/Neuter of Reclaimed Pets This applies to lost pets reclaimed by their owner(s).
Canine Neuter by DAS $75
Canine Spay by DAS $85
Feline Neuter by DAS $50
Feline Spay by DAS $65
A pet's veterinarian may provide a spay/neuter exemption for pets that are breeding, competing and/or have a medical condition.
Pet Surrender Fees
Owner surrender fee for animals dropped off $10 does not apply to Good Samaritans dropping off "found" pets
Owner surrender fee with DAS pick up of animal at residence $60
Mother pets surrendered with kittens/puppies will be accepted for one owner surrender fee of $10. Kittens and/or puppies surrendered indiviudally or as litters without mothers will be charged $10 per animal.
Adoption & Micro-chipping Fees
Cat or kitten $60 includes adoption fee plus micro chip and pet license fee
Dog or puppy $85 includes adoption fee plus micro chip and pet license fee
Rescue adoption $20 or as
by MOU
for rescue groups only
Other animal adoption market value
Micro-chipping of an impounded animal $15 applies to animals not covered under the adoption fees such as reclaimed lost pets
Licensing Fees
Spayed or neutered dog or cat $10 per year
Unaltered dog or cat under one year old $10 per year
Unaltered dog or cat older than one year $60 per year
Unaltered dog or cat license fee of $60 will be refunded to the $10 license (spayed/neutered) rate if animal owner present proof of spay/neuter within 30 days of license purchase
Kennel, Pet Shop, Stable and Rodeo Permits
Kennel, pet shop, grooming shop or stable $100
Rodeo permit $100
Adoptable Pets

Animal Services

The Collier County Animal Control Ordinance requires that all dogs and cats have a current County license and rabies vaccination and to be leashed when off their owners’ property. 
Our Animal Control Officers respond to complaints and ensure compliance with these and other animal-related laws. Officers also investigate animal cruelty and abandonment cases, and process dangerous dog declarations. 

Animal Control Officers assist with insuring the health of the human residents and visitors of the County, with the secondary purpose of insuring the health of animals in the County.

Adoption Animals

We encourage you to give an animal a second chance by adopting a shelter pet.

Adopted cats and dogs are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated against rabies before you take them home, which saves you hundreds of dollars.

Adoption fees are $60 for cats and kittens and $85 for dogs and puppies. Other pets such as gerbils, ferrets, and birds are available at or below market rates.

All pet adoptions are first-come, first-served.

Animal Sheltering

If your animal is lost, it may be picked up as a stray by an Animal Control Officer or dropped off at the shelter by a Good Samaritan.

Florida law requires that we hold your animal for five days to give you the opportunity to reclaim it. Lost pets reclaimed by the second day that have a current County license are returned home with no impound or board charges!

If you can no longer care for your animal and cannot find it a new home, we will accept it at the shelter for a small fee.  Surrendered pets and strays not reclaimed within five days become the property of Collier County.

We screen animals for good health and temperament and place qualified pets up for adoption. We also partner with local animal rescue groups
Animal Services

Animal Services

Animal Services enforces Chapter 5 of the Miami-Dade County Code pertaining to vaccination, licensure, dog bites, acts of cruelty to animals and illegal pit bulls.  If you own a dog or cat in Miami-Dade County, you must comply with Miami-Dade County codes.

Animal Traps

Learn more about Dog and Cat traps.

Euthanasia Services

We have an open-admission shelter and accept all dogs and cats surrendered to our facility. We work closely with rescue organizations and humane societies to save as many pets as possible. Owners electing to have their pets humanely euthanized due to a medical condition must check in at the Receiving office. There is a fee of $25 and ASD has the right to refuse to euthanize a pet that is not ill.

Lost & Found

Animal Services provides Lost and Found services to the public. If Lost and Found personnel are unavailable when you visit the shelter, the Front Desk personnel will be happy to assist you. You may call 311 to report your lost dog. In the unfortunate event that you do not find your dog before its rabies vaccination and / or County tag renewal, please close your pet's account.

Microchip your Pet

Not everyone speaks "woof" and "meow". Give your pet the voice they don't have, microchip and license your pet today!

Rabies Vaccination

Miami-Dade County Health Department and Animal Services officials are urging the public to help protect themselves and to prevent the spread of rabies by taking the following steps.

Spay & Neuter Services

The Humane Society of Greater Miami provides low-cost spay/neuter services to the public from their facilities. The phone number for scheduling and information is 305-696-0800, the main line of the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Hours of operation are: Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with surgery drop offs from 8 a.m. to 9 a. m. Spay/neuter services are by appointment only.

Surrender Your Pet

Animal Services accepts all dogs and cats at no charge. No pet will be turned away. Owners who surrender their pets will give up all rights to the pet. Proof of ownership is required to surrender your pet.

Transfer of Dog Ownership

All transfers of ownership should be accompanied by a notarized letter from the former owner, this letter must demonstrate complete delegation to the new owner and authorization to transfer the current license tag (if any) and microchip number if applicable. Dog ID will remain the same.