Here you will be able to see your permanent visitors, remove permanent visitors, add a new one time visitor, and add a guest list to a party. Please be reminded that you must provide both first and last names (as they appear on the visitor's Drivers License) when pre-authorizing your visitor.

When you pre-authorize your one-time visitor, you are authorizing the person for a one time access up to 7 days in advance. Once your visitor is checked into the system, he or she is no longer pre-authorized for any future visits. Future visits by this person will require an additional pre-authorization. 

If you want to add a permanent visitor, so they can be allowed into the property at all times, then you must fill out the form below and allow for 48 hours so they are approved in the system. If you are having a party in your unit with 10 or more guest, you MUST contact the Management Office who will inform you of the specific procedure for the party depending on the location and time. Once the management staff has setup the party in the system, you can access your portal and register your list of guests. 

To register your list of guests you can click on Party Setup and you will see your party/event there. Click on the event you want to setup and you will see the details in the window below. You can then click on Add Visitor and you will be able to add the attendees to your party/event.