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Ibis POA Advisory Committees

The Ibis POA Declaration of Covenants provides the Ibis POA Board of Directors with the authority to establish committees to provide information and advisements to the board in specific areas.  Each of the following committees consists of resident volunteers as well as a Board Member who serves as a liaison:   

Architectural Review Board (ARB)Reviews and approves/disapproves requests for exterior property changes in accordance to Ibis documents and the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Ibis POA Board of Directors.  The ARB is referred to in the By-Laws as the Architectural and Development Review Board.  This committee meets every other week on Friday mornings.

Mission Statement of the Ibis POA Architectural Review Board:

The mission of the Ibis POA Architectural Review Board is to ensure that all changes, including but not limited to, construction, alteration, removal or additions in the Ibis Golf and Country Club will be complementary and in harmony with the appearance of the community as a whole. 

Finance:  Reviews Ibis POA financial records/budgets and recommends financial policies and safeguards to the POA Board of Directors.  The committee provides timely budget recommendations to the Ibis POA’s Treasurer.  The Finance Committee meets monthly or as needed.

Ibis POA Finance Committee Mission Statement:

To review Ibis financial reports/budgets and recommend financial policies and safeguards to the Ibis POA Board of Directors.

Landscape & Property:  Approves/disapproves landscaping plans and recommends to the Ibis POA landscaping procedures and considerations regarding improvements to Ibis POA common areas.  Meetings occur monthly and periodically include tours of Ibis POA common areas. 

Member ServicesTo effect better communications with the POA membership;community beauty; quality of life; and protection of property values. The Committee meets monthly.

Ibis POA Member Services Mission Statement:

Delivering on our commitment to achieve highest resident satisfaction by providing a safe, secure, environmentally friendly and beautiful community.

Rules & Compliance:  Pursuant to Florida State Statutes and Ibis POA governing documents, a committee of Ibis homeowners must review all cases where a monetary fine is proposed to determine if the fine shall be imposed.  These include traffic/parking and other rule infractions of the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Ibis Board of Directors and the Ibis POA’s governing documents.

Mission Statement of the Ibis POA Rules and Compliance Committee:

To carry out the enforcement of the POA Rules, including the levying of fines and determining of suspensions pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors and the Association’s governing documents.

In our effort to fulfill that directive, we will strive to assure that those persons/entities which are subject to the POA jurisdiction are treated fairly in our mandating adherence to the POA rules.

Each spring, a “Call for Volunteers” for the Ibis POA committees is announced. Residents wishing to serve on a committee must submit Committee Interest Forms. Committee volunteers are selected by the Board and serve a one-year term from July 1 to June 30. For more information on Ibis POA Committees, please contact the Ibis POA staff at (561) 630-2828 or