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About the Brickell Key Master Association (BKMA)

The Brickell Key Master Association (BKMA) was created in 1980 to perform any of the property management services for the island's common properties that are not covered by the individual properties. The Brickell Key Master Association provides maintenance and patrol services to those common areas, which include the baywalk and linear park surrounding the island, the island roadways, the seawall and all common area landscaping. In addition, the BKMA is charged with the implementation and upkeep of certain special projects and the island amenities, which presently include the entry information center, the smart-pass system, recent installation of front gate video cameras, the village green, the children's playground, the seasonal activities for children and adults, the installation of the playground shades and the supervision efforts of the bridge with the City of Miami.  Some island amenities may change over time as further development occurs. Special projects, which also may change over time at the direction of the BKMA Board of Directors, including this website. 

Operations of the Brickell Key Master Association are jointly funded by assessments of the individual properties on a prorata basis and overseen by a Board of Directors. Island master developer Swire Properties also participates on the Board and has a controlling vote until such time as island development is complete. An annual budget and audit process overseen by the Board of Directors helps ensure the individual member properties that BKMA dues are properly expended and accounted for.

Estoppel Letter:  Please click here to request an Estoppel Letter.

Association Management and Staff

Serving at the direction of the BKMA Board, a small operations staff oversees all property maintenance obligations of the BKMA, including services presently provided by third party vendors including landscaping, security, roadwork, pest control, collections and accounting.  The BKMA General Manager is supported by bookkeeping personnel in the office and maintenance personnel and a safety officer in the field.   The Association is under the management of GM Anna Brautigam. Please feel free to contact our office at 305/358-9892. Please report any safety-related issues to the information center at 786-971-5100.

Mission Statement

The Brickell Key Master Association is exclusively devoted to maintaining the common properties of the island to the highest possible standards. Service to and safety of Brickell Key's residents and businesses is the first priority of the Brickell Key Master Association, which is committed to the most responsive communications to and among its members. At all times the Brickell Key Master Association will devote its efforts to the best possible technical, financial and aesthetic upkeep of the island.