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About Brickell Key

In 1896, Henry Flagler, often called the ‘Father of the City’, dug a nine-foot-deep channel to keep the mouth of the Miami River open to shipping.  Soil from his dredging created two small islands that were then combined in the 1940's by a wealthy real estate investor to make a man-made, triangular property.  Most of the land was purchased by Swire Properties, who has spent over 30 years transforming the private, barren terrain into a thriving urban community.

Brickell Key now consists of 6 million square feet of residential, commercial and hotel space, with attractive south-facing views across Biscayne Bay, open landscaped spaces with more than 5,000 trees, and hardly a parked car in sight thanks to abundant underground parking.

Achieving balance between two seemingly divergent cultures, island and urban, was the driving concept behind everything from the original plans to the final design.  By reducing the effect of construction in the center of the island, the developer created a generous area of open space, which they turned into an attractive village green, children’s playground and various water features that are shared by residents, workers and hotel guests.  Underground parking for 5,600 vehicles ensures that the island’s aesthetic appeal is not tarnished by streets lined with cars.  Together, these elements enhance the feeling of a very considered space and a calm sense of place.

From a distance, the island looks to be all high-rise towers, but up close it is a complex residential and cultural ecosystem with extensive parkland, beautiful open spaces, natural tree canopy and numerous public art installations, including Manuel Carbonell’s famed 30-foot ‘El Centinela del Rio’ and other specially commissioned statues.


All these features are surrounded by a mile-long Baywalk that allows everyone to experience the waterfront location, and additional features such as a Japanese garden and hidden man made beach add to the charm.  Away from view, innovative management of the seawall and seabed ensures that the island’s boundaries are kept healthy and well protected.


We hope you enjoy this wonderful island community in the heart of Miami, and are happy to welcome you to this amazing oasis in the heart of an exciting metropolis.