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Facilities and Amenities

RECREATION AND POOL AREA  -  Rules and Regulations

A.      GENERAL:

1.       All children less than14 years of age, while in the Recreation Building, must be supervised by an adult at all times or they will be asked to leave the premises

2.       No activity/special event may be scheduled for the Recreation Building without prior authorization of the 1500 and 1600 buildings Board of Directors. Contact your Board of Directors for scheduling.

3.       Footwear and body clothing/covering is required when entering the Recreation Building.

4.       No wet bathing suits are permitted anywhere in the Recreation Building.



1.       Hours are 7:00am to11:00pm.

2.       No Smoking allowed

3.       No food is allowed,except at specially permitted functions.



1.       Hours are 7:00am to11:00pm.

2.       Children under the age of 18 years may use the billiard room only if they are accompanied by a guardian over the age of 18.

3.       All billiard players should exercise care in use of the equipment. They will be held responsible for any damage. Unit Owners are responsible for all damages by their guests.

4.       Keys to the billiard room may be acquired at the security desk of the 1500 building.


D.      POOL & DECK

1.       Pool Hours 6am - 9pm

2.       The use of the pool and pool facilities is permitted during such hours as will be posted and will be conditioned upon compliance with all Rules and Regulations pertaining there to which the Board of Directors will from time to time promulgate.

3.       Diaper aged children should wear swimmies (this is also stated in the pool area)

4.       All bathers must shower before entering the pool, so that lotions, oils and sand are removed from the body before entering the pool. (They clog the pool filters)

5.       Ball playing in the pool area is not permitted.

6.       Diving is not permitted.

7.       No splashing in the water, to the extent of flooding the pool deck

8.       No card tables are permitted under canopies at any time.

9.       No food or glass containers are permitted in the pool deck area.

10.    No pets are allowed in the pool deck area.

11.    All children under the age of 12 using the pool must be supervised by a guardian.

12.    All persons in bathing attire, coming into the building from the pool or beach.

13.    The pool must not be used after 9pm.

14.    Persons with infectious conditions or open sores may not use the pool.

15.    Bathers must place a large towel on chaises or chairs to prevent soiling of clothes of other users.

16.    All chaise lounges should be adjusted to a horizontal position when not in use, to avoid damage from high winds.



1.       Hours are 7am to 11pm

2.       No one less than 18years of age is permitted entry or allowed the use of either the sauna or exercise room, unless they are accompanied by an adult.

3.       For reasons of safety, unit owners/tenants should try to avoid being alone in the sauna room.

4.       Keep all windows closed.


6.       Replace weights and other equipment when finished.